Sara (smurdlad) wrote,

Laura! Dammit! I want to see Garden State! You and I have a date for this weekend ... sometime. Maybe Monday, since you said you were working.

anyway ...

Mario needs to go to OSU, Joey needs to come back, Chrissy needs to either come back or date Mr. Cute Emo Boy, and Tim needs to not ever proposition watching a scary movie [i.e. Scream], because my love for him makes me do crazy things [like watch it again], and then go home and be scared.

Went to the office and then did stuff at home and then went over to tim's where we ate pizza (yum), drank pop (ew) and watched movies that will remain nameless because I didn't watch it. No siree. [eek] If I convince myself I didn't, then I didn't.

But we did watch like 4 episodes of "Monk". And that one movie.

but, on a happier note, the guy who did the voice for Scream also does Sim voices for the games.

"William Faulkner's novel As I Lay Dying (1930) features a character named Skeet McGowan (Scream features actors Skeet Ulrich and Rose McGowan) and a character named Dewey (as does Scream)."

anyway. nope. no movie watching today!


goodnight :)
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