Sara (smurdlad) wrote,

i want to run away (never say goodbye)

I don't want to go away to college, but hearing about everyone having a great time and going out and doing whatever the heck they want is making me extremely jealous.

So far my day has consisted of my dad telling me not to be on the computer all day and to find something else to do, to stop playing "that computer game", watching the E! True Hollywood Story on the Hilton sisters, my dad asking me if my room, closet, bathroom, and car are clean (probably to get me off the computer), and then tells me to clean my car today. Then he comes home and sees me on the computer (I've been on for 5 minutes, just until Jessica gets here), and he is all "what did I say about being on the computer all day?!!" and i am like "you didn't even ASK what i've been doing" and i told him i had breakfast and what not and he is like "blah blah blah, Jessica was over until 2 AM last night you can't do anything late tonight"

now he is yelling me about the counter that i already cleaned and the pineapple that he left in the sink.
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