Sara (smurdlad) wrote,

28:6:42:12 ... but it did happen.

Went shopping with Jessica (found Garden State soundtrack) and then a few Diablo hours later went over to Tim's, where we watched The Butterfly Effect which was sad and I thought Ashton was great, and it was a good movie. I didn't like the very, very last scene that it ended with, but other than that ... great. Now I woke up this morning and I am all itchy so I have been drinking tea and what not, and my mom is being bah(!) and telling me that I don't have much time because I'm supposed to be at the office at 10:00, and I'm like, hello. Weird reaction to something, let me have my moment. Today will be spent watching a movie and finding shoelaces and a shirt that tells us exactly when the world will end.

"I really do have love to give; I just don't know where to put it."
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